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Nestled in the cradle of the majestic Valley located between Elgin and Franschhoek, is the home of feast-de-renaissance.  The Valley has an exceptionally favourable and unique terroir and meso-climate, with ideal growing conditions, namely chilly winters and low summer rainfall; all of which contribute to the creation of perfect fruit.

Initiated by a delightful husband-and wife team, this entrepreneurial gastronomic initiative uses perfectly-ripened fruit and abundant amounts of authentic, preservative-free, fresh ingredients to conserve fruits, often infused with wine, resulting in the creation of an exclusive hand-crafted product range of fruit-infused accompaniments.

Feast-de-renaissance sauces, relishes, coulis and accompaniments comprise a myriad of various infused and versatile flavours; enhancing almost any dish.  Each recipe is masterfully blended to combine the essence of good, slow food. And every delicious jar of fruit can be enjoyed: as an entrée
with cheese, sliced into salads, roasted as an accompaniment to meat dishes, or with mascarpone as dessert - the possibilities are endless.

Hand-crafted from beginning to end, every step of the manufacturing process is incrementally managed, with attention being paid to the finest detail. Only small batches are made at any given time into which generous amounts of wholesome, fresh ingredients are added systematically.

By using the slow, gentle process of old methods together with local produce, this special couple have made sure that their carbon footprint is light: preserving and protecting the beautiful environment in which they both live and work.  They provide employment for disadvantaged local communities and being a truly South African company, all add up to make Feast-de-Renaissance a truly unique, top quality farm product with old fashioned values but with a thoroughly modern attitude!

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