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French tart with Nectarine and Feast‐de‐Renaissance Pears in Red Wine, Raspberry and Cinnamon

Goats cheese and Feast‐de‐renaissance Pears in Red Wine Raspberry and Cinnamon

Grilled Pear and pancetta parcels

Mini potato fritters, cream cheese and Pears in red wine raspberry & cinnamon topped with black sesame seeds

Warm grilled steak salad, Feast‐de‐Renaissance Pears in Red Wine, Raspberry and Cinnamon and parmesan

Panna Cotta Dessert with Feast‐de‐Renaissance Spiced Plums in Red Wine, Raspberry and Cinnamon

Feast‐de‐renaissance Spiced Plum Tarte tatin

Plum Clafoutis baked with Feast‐de‐renaissance Spiced Plums and Blueberry and Grape friandises

Pork Medallions, Feast‐de‐renaissance Spiced Plums in red wine with potato rosti

Spiced Duck Salad with Feast‐de‐Renaissance Spiced Plums

Spiced Plums with Camembert in filo

Crème Anglaise to serve with Feast‐de‐Renaissance Spiced Plums in Red Wine

Reduction of the Sauce

Sabayon Sauce

Feast‐de‐renaissance Plum Coulis with Greek Yoghurt

Prawn and Plum Coulis

Citrus Stinger Crepe Suzette

Feast‐de‐Renaissance Citrus Stingers with Seared Salmon & Chorizo Sausage

Duck Breast with Feast‐de‐renaissance Citrus Stingers in Zesty Brandy Syrup

Baked lime and Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry and Grape relish: Port and Black Pepper Beef Carpaccio and wild rocket

French toast, crispy bacon and Blueberry & Grape Relish

Blueberry and Grape Jelly

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